Isherdeep singh …born in mangarh village of district hoshiarpur!! Grandson of the Kabaddi champion  Sardar Santokh Singh Tiger. On his way of becoming an engineer… has graduated from reputed schools and colleges.. Besides Engineering  he has a keen interest in painting..but has a passion for poetry!! since an early age he developed interest in poetry..and now has developed his skills in poetry and his brilliant work cant be ignored.. As an aspiring professional artist..isherdeep has shown great talent in the world of Imagination. To make his dream come true isherdeep has had many setbacks..from an early start he has faced family..emotionally!! During his search of nirvana..he writes about hi expeditions about love and feelings ..his personal experience triggered this thought in him…and since then he has been a constant companion of loneliness and hatred n sadness!! This you might see in some of his works.. A keen observer..and an admirer of it scenic of live.. He writes about the mystic beauty of d opposite sex..a great admirer..!! He still searches d divine beauty where he hopes to attain Nirvana! As his search continues..his poetry takes u to a whole new place and you can feel d depth in his work..!!

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